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What are the school hours?

The Bernazzani School is a First Tier school. For grades K-5 the school day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 2:00 p.m.

Do you serve breakfast?

Breakfast is available every morning immediately before school starts at all schools in Quincy. Breakfast consists of a selection of cereals, muffins, fruit juice, and milk.

What does breakfast cost?

The cost for breakfast is $1.00 at elementary schools. Students who are eligible for Free or Reduced-price lunches are automatically eligible for free or reduced-price breakfast. The cost for a reduced-price breakfast is 25 cents.

How much does lunch cost?

Elementary full-price student lunch is $2.00. The cost for a reduced price lunch is 40 cents. Milk is served with all lunches. The cost of purchasing milk only is 30 cents and milk choices include 2%, 1%, and 1% chocolate. Some lunches also include fruit juices in addition to milk.

Where can I view a lunch menu?

Visit our Food Services site to view current menus »
You may navigate the menus by school level (elementary, secondary) and/or month.

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When are the school vacations?

Click on the Calendar menu above. Calendars for the District show all vacations.

On snow days how do I know if school is in session?

Listen to WJDA 1030AM on the radio or watch your local television stations for an update. In addition, an Instant Alert message will be sent to your home by your school principal notifying you of the cancellation.

My child forgot his lunch money, can he still buy lunch?

Yes, the lunch attendant will make a note that the child owes lunch money. The child will receive school lunch and should pay back the lunch attendant the following day.

Are the doors in your school secured safely?

Yes, at the opening bell at 7:45 a.m., all doors in the school are safely locked. Any person wishing to enter the school must ring the front bell and announce his/her entrance. The office officials will buzz the guest in the building. The front door is also monitored by a security camera.

How can I arrange an appointment with my child's teacher?

Call during the school day 7:45 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and speak to a school secretary. She will notify the teacher and the teacher will call you at his/her earliest convenience. Also, you could write a note to your child's teacher requesting a conference.

Does the school provide after-school programs?

Quincy After School Child Care (QCARE) provides enriching, licensed care each weekday from the time that the final bell rings until 5:30 p.m. Participants can enroll in the program for each afternoon or as little as two afternoons per week. The program is not operated by QPS. Therefore, you must call the QCARE main office at 617-773-3299 to speak with a Program Director to register or visit their website for more information including tuition fees and registration information at www.quincyafterschool.org